The activities of the Office

The Hungarian Space Office carries out mainly supervisory and supporting agency activities regarding the relations to the domestic space sector, the government and the international space industry and research communities. Its objectives comprise three main areas of activities.

Internal tasks – Coordination and support for the players of the domestic pace sector including institutions, industrial entities, as well as the fulfilment of governmental needs (including dissemination of information and performing administrative duties related to the Hungarian Space Board and the Scientific Council on Space Research).

ESA-related representation – Coordination in order to ensure the efficient exploitation of the opportunities offered by our ESA membership. Securing the „geo-return”. Employees of the HSO oversee and actively participate in the work of the ESA Council and its subordinate bodies, attempting to shape decision-making according to the interests of the Hungarian space sector. The Hungarian–ESA Task Force is responsible in the first six years of Hungarian membership for ensuring that Hungarian contributions facilitate the development of the Hungarian entities in the most efficient way (geo-return). HSO employees represent a great number among the Hungarian delegates to the Task Force.

International relations – The HSO is responsible for the representation of Hungary within several international organizations, e.g.: UN COPUOS, European Commission – Space, EUTELSAT, EURISY, Intersputnik etc., and for the strengthening of Hungary’s existing bilateral international cooperation in the field of space activities. Seeking out new opportunities for cooperation in order to facilitate growth for the players of the Hungarian space industry. The HSO maintains bilateral inter-institutional relations with the Russian Space Agency (Roscosmos), the Indian Space Research Organization (ISRO), the Polish Academy of Sciences, the Romanian Space Agency (ROSA) and the State Space Agency of Ukraine (SSAU).

The tasks of the Hungarian Space Office have been carried out by the Unit for Electronic Communication and Space Research of the Ministry of National Development since 2014. The staff and budget of the Office have undergone substantial expansion in the recent years because of the increase in both amount and complexity of its duties due to Hungary’s ESA accession.